Strategic Benefits Solutions for Large Employers

February 18, 2021

When it comes to health benefits, large employer groups often have complex needs that are too complex to be cannot be addressed with standard, one-size-fits-all health plans. Custom-built designed products with innovative benefits offerings are key essential to helping them realize achieve their organizational goals, such as reduced health care spend or providing a more well-rounded experience for members. Here are some of the ways that HealthComp delivers results for employers and brokers:


Cost Management

Health benefits can account for over a $100 million dollars’ worth of expenses for large employer groups, so any extra percentage of savings that can be found is meaningful for them. HealthComp has developed the expertise and operational excellence to achieve best-in-class results in claims accuracy and claims turnaround time. HealthComp We leverages subrogation, claims audits, out-of-network negotiations and other practices to maximize savings for employers.


Analytics & Insights

If you can’t measure what’s actually happening with your health plan, then you can’t make effective decisions to address costs. Our proprietary HCNavigator analytics tool provides full data transparency. It leverages clinical data and artificial intelligence to help employer groups analyze their health plan’s performance and identify strategies for improvement.


Care Management (CM)

HealthComp has spent years developing integrated CM programs to help customers achieve quality health outcomes for their members. HealthComp’s Our in-house CM team serves over 300,000 members and offers services such as utilization review, case management, disease management, prenatal programs and targeted programs for cancer and ER visits.


Member Experience

Our HealthComp’s net promoter score (NPS) of 80 demonstrates our ability to deliver a superior, high-touch experience for members. Our HCOnline platform enables members to understand their benefits and to access the best-quality, in-network care.


Other Customizations

HealthComp helps employer groups build a unique solution from the ground up, so it’s custom- fit to their needs. They may want to unbundle medical and prescription coverage, as well as dental and vision. Or they may seek to leverage a unique plan design, integrate other point solutions, or utilize tailored network strategies.


HealthComp serves clients ranging in size from 100 to 30,000 employees and has built unique strategies tailored for the needs of small, midsize and enterprise clients. With our in-house operations, proprietary technology, and decades of experience, we’re able to offer the flexibility and expertise that many employers are looking for in a benefits administrator.



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