Population Health Management

Working with you to create a healthier bottom line while creating a healthier workforce.

Chronic Care Management

This program is designed to help employees manage a variety of diagnosed, chronic conditions. Managing long-term, chronic health conditions not only improves the employee's quality of life, but also significantly decreases the total plan costs by helping employees learn to manage the disease long-term. Gilsbar HealthComp’s team of nurses can answer questions about conditions and medications prescribed, along with offering additional treatment information.

Utilization Management

We know getting the right treatment to the right patient quickly is often key to a good outcome. People shouldn't have to wait weeks to receive a decision on pre-certification if they need care. Plans also shouldn’t be asked to cover expensive and unnecessary procedures, which drives up costs for everyone over time. Gilsbar HealthComp has committed to having a best-in-class utilization review process, with Registered Nurses, a Pharmacist, and a licensed Medical Director.

Case Management

A Case Manager provides personalized assistance in helping members receive the care they need by working directly with the member, their healthcare team, and the health plan to coordinate services when a prolonged, progressive, catastrophic, or high-cost illness/condition occurs. When members need it most, they can receive knowledgeable, free-to-them support from Registered Nurses, Clinical Social Workers, and Dietitians.

Oncology Management

Cancer is scary, especially when it happens to you or a loved one. There are doctor’s appointments, tests, drugs with names too long to pronounce, and a lot of questions. Our Oncology Management team, with Registered Nurses, is here to help. They work with your care team to understand your diagnosis and treatment plan and to help you understand it as well. No one should go through this alone. Gilsbar HealthComp is here to help.

Maternity Management

Whether you’re a first-time mom or you’ve done it before, pregnancy and childbirth can bring with it a host of questions, not to mention doctor’s visits and potential complications. Gilsbar HealthComp’s certified team of experts work with expectant moms to make sure they’re receiving the care they need, answering questions, and advocating on their behalf should any unforeseen issues arise.

Employee Advocacy

Benefits are complicated, but they don’t have to be. Our Advocacy team is available to answer employee benefits questions, reach out to providers on their behalf, navigate complicated billing questions and much more. Gilsbar HealthComp’s Advocacy specialists understand benefits so your employees and HR team can focus on what they do best.

Employee Assistance Programs

Everyone needs help from time to time, which is where Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) can be a true benefit to employees. EAPs can help with everything from partnering a member with a behavioral health specialist to finding a care facility for an aging parent. EAPs can help reduce the stress your employees feel on an everyday basis, making it a great add-on service for your standard benefits plan offerings.


Give your employees what they need and empower them to make long-term lifestyle changes while promoting health and preventing chronic disease. Engage employees through an incentive-based wellness program that rewards healthy behaviors. Each program is uniquely designed for your culture and your employees. Our expert-designed program offers comprehensive education and activities to support physical, social, mental, and financial wellbeing. Employees will engage via our mobile app or online portal and have 24/7 access to a personal health assessment, online coaching, best-in-class medical and wellness content, and more.

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