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Validation Institute Confirms HealthComp’s Clinical Care Management Program Lowers Cost

HealthComp recently partnered with an independent actuarial firm to provide an analysis of HealthComp’s Clinical Care Management participant claims data. The research revealed how the high-touch, personalized approach of the HealthComp Clinical Care Management team ensures more plan members receive tailored, appropriate, and affordable medical care. The research found that groups using two or more of HealthComp’s Clinical Care Management programs (Case Management, Population Preventive Care, and Utilization Review) have lower per employee per month (PEPM) allowed costs than similar groups that do not use such services. Validation Institute reviewed the data used for this analysis and determined that the results were accurate.

Without changing benefits or network design, HealthComp Clinical Care Management participants saw 30% lower utilization, resulting in an average of $3,000 in savings per employee per year and 48% lower inpatient costs for HealthComp members. VI’s data showed the accuracy of these claims, that HealthComp groups had lower PEPM costs than similar groups. Nearly half of the difference (48%) came from HealthComp groups’ lower use of professional services; the remaining difference was split equally between outpatient and inpatient services.

Justin Tran, HealthComp Executive Vice President, shared “We believe employers can save money while enriching their benefits at the same time. Healthcare is difficult to purchase whether you are an individual or an employer. Our goal at HealthComp is to make purchasing easy – by being advocates for the members, and by being fully transparent with employers. Being best-in-class advocates drive huge savings for health plans. And getting external validation on the savings from our Advocacy and Clinical Care Management is the best way for us to be transparent and show our differentiation against others.”

Validation Institute is an independent, objective, third-party organization that advocates for greater transparency for healthcare buyers and applies measurement standards and plausibility tests to clinical and financial results published to verify their claims. HealthComp’s Clinical Care Management Program has achieved a Level 1 – Validation for Savings status, which means Validation Institute is willing to provide up to a $25,000 guarantee as part of their Credibility Guarantee Program.

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