Help Your Employees Get Affordable, High-Quality Medical Care. HealthComp’s Clinical Care Management Team Can Show You How.

Health plan spending is one of the biggest costs for employers. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee the programs they choose will result in a healthier employee base. Improving members’ clinical outcomes while keeping medical costs low remains a top priority for third-party administrators like HealthComp. To prove how employers can lower their costs and improve the quality of care, HealthComp published a study with Wakely, an independent actuarial firm, on the 2019 financial outcomes of its Clinical Care Management Program.

Our research reveals how a high-touch, personalized approach to care administration ensures more plan members receive tailored, appropriate, and affordable medical care. Our clinical care management team serves as the change-making advocates that health plan members need most.

High-Touch Clinical Care Management Programs Nurture Healthy Employee Populations




lower utilization

through inpatient, outpatient, and professional services, or $3,000 in savings per employee per year, without changing benefits or network design


lower inpatient costs

for HealthComp members


lower maternity spend

for members in HealthComp's Mommies 2-Be Program


NPS score,

compared to the healthcare industry's average of 12


lower emergency room utilization,

representing $16.09 PEPM in savings


lower medical costs

across every service category for managed HealthComp members compared to the industry average

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