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The Broker Community is Craving Something Different:  Q&A with Shelly Kelsey, HealthComp’s VP of Sales

Q: How have your past experiences positioned you for success at HealthComp?

I started working in healthcare straight out of college for Great-West Healthcare in Ohio as a sales representative. Although I was brand new to healthcare, I was excited about how I could impact an industry that I knew had so much potential.

Even at a young age, I saw great value in building relationships that drove success. Since that time, I’ve worked in various new business sales positions and have experience working for two of the larger U.S. carriers. I’m now experienced in self-funding, bundled perspectives, and so on, across many decades.

I proudly bring my different perspectives and experiences to HealthComp. I’m very excited about the opportunity to work with an independent TPA.

Q: What’s your workplace philosophy?

Be really honest, truthful, and authentic – to yourself and your business. That’s when things work out unexpectedly, and you can end up with lifelong relationships.

Q: What kind of work will you be doing at HealthComp?

I’ll be working with consultants and generating new business. I’ll also be partnering with our account management team once a piece of business is sold through the renewal process.

I’ll also be developing local relationships with brokers in Colorado and Utah. This is important, as there are very few independent TPAs in these places. Therefore, for many brokers I’ll work with, it will probably be the first time they’re introduced to these kinds of offerings. So, my ability to assess strong prospects and where HealthComp can bring good fit and solid value will be critical.

Q: What emerging trends do you notice in the employer healthcare/TPA space?

The broker community is craving something different. The market is moving towards more flexibility and mobility. The main TPAs are usually carrier-owned. It’s exciting when you take the carrier ownership out of it, how the capability for flexibility emerges.

Customization and cost-containment are driving the future. As there are more demands to control costs, more point solutions – now becoming more prevalent – will become available. People want to build what works for their company as opposed to just being given solutions.

People want to find a way to plug point solutions into their benefits. People are looking to unbundle without creating additional administrative work.

Q: What TPA-related trends are you seeing emerge?

There’s a need to come up with non-traditional and smart health solutions.

Many things we’re doing now sound great on paper, but they’re not working. For example, aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day is fantastic. But we need to think broader – like how doing so actually impacts disease, chronic conditions, and so on.

Q: What kinds of challenges do you like solving?

I love taking a solid foundation and building from it to reach new previously unexplored heights. I love introducing something, watching it progress and start to flourish.

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