Here’s how we help members get the most out of their benefits

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a total healthcare experience

  • All your benefits, fully integrated

    A centralized space for managing your medical, dental and vision plans

  • Get the whole picture

    Access your ID card, check your plan status, understand your coverage, review claims, and submit forms all in one place

  • Know what you’re looking at

    We use plain English and clear visuals to help you understand your plan and the services available to you

  • Get answers fast

    Send questions directly to a Benefits Assistant who can answer your questions quickly and accurately

Simplified communications

We break down your benefits into clear,
easy-to-understand language, so you can
make the right care decisions.

customer support

Talk to a
real person

No more phone trees or virtual
waiting rooms. You’ll talk to a real
live person with the push of
a single button.

Get connected,

Our customer service agents are
all available in-house and are
ready to assist you.


When you call, you’ll talk
to an expert who can answer
your questions in detail.

Personal assistant service

High-touch care for members in need

When you’re dealing with an illness, paperwork should be your last concern. Our personal assistants deliver concierge-level support, empowering you to focus on wellness and recovery.

All your benefits, fully integrated

With our integrated services, you’re fully equipped to make the most out of your benefits. It’s comprehensive care without the confusion.

    • medical
    • dental
    • vision
    • pharmacy
    • flexible benefits
    • Disease management
    • maternity benefits
    • doctor-on-demand
    • doctor-on-demand
    • wellness

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